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Ad Maiora” is an album that has been hidden for quite a long period and sees the light just now: Monday 10th of Octber 2016. “Ad Maiora” has been recorded, mixed e mastered by Omid Jazi and dresda bàruch at Hot studio records in Modena in April 2014. Album cover by Enrico Smerilli. Listen up:


FRIENDS is a record born from Dresda Bàruch and involves different views and sounds.

Have a listen:

From a dresda bàruch‘s idea, this work contains 3 of their new compositions as well as tunes re-interpreted by ɹolʎɐʇ ʎuuoɹ (ronny taylor)Indianizer, Maniaxxx, Matteo Tambussi and Deian Martinelli (Deian e Lorsoglabro).The record has been presented the 2nd of June 2016 @ SAMO (Turin), check the pics here
“The idea was to distribute some of our compositions amongst musical friends. So we gathered some fellow musicians, each with different backgrounds and entrusted them with the chance to express their own creativity and ideas. Rubbing a little bit of magic on each piece, so to speak. An open expression of what musical inspiration can create. Something unique, yet universal.”


oslo‘s first record is out! Is called “Stille” and it’s a journey through a folk-pop land. Check it out:


KARAOKE is Ronny Taylor‘s latest records.

It goes through math-prog-instrumental-rock with some jazz and drum n bass nuances. Discover it, dig it:




It’s hot outside. Get some fresh tunes here for free: 

☞ Just click on “download” (check the email frame if you like) and put “0” in the price bar. Or more if you dare. Download and enjoy yourself! Artwork by Annika.


TWEEEDO – Juno (new)
oslo – Holeso (new)
ɹolʎɐʇ ʎuuoɹ (ronny taylor) – Din Don e Scappa (new)
Gregor Kay – Bob
Broken Memories – PFC


Uh, seems that the first Calista Records festival is coming up… 18/09/15 @ SAMO!



TRAUMA is concept album that wants to represents a specific traumatic event in sound level, from its birth on the synaptic level (neuritis, dendrites), to the development through the central nervous system. Close your eyes and listen:



Want to listen to some good and new music? MOVION homonym album is out! You can download it here: 


Friday 1st of May 2015 we did MOVION’s release party @ Magazzino sul Po! Opening act by Oslo. Check the pictures here



And… it’s out! Szczyrk [scierk] Gregor Kay’s first album – listen up and share! This is a lounge-core album. A genre born from Gregor Kay’s jazz-rock passion.

26.02.2015 | we did the release party @ Cavallerizza Reale (Torino).  Get the record:

Gregor Kay‘s release party of Szczyrk [scierk] will take place Thursday 26th of February @ Cavallerizza Reale, Via Verdi 9, Torino. 

Kicking off with Broken Memories at 9.30pm!

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Cover image by Allan Dransfield:

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